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Case changing: From TeX primitives to the Unicode algorithm

From the TUG Conference 2018 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

siunitx: Past, present and future (slides)

Over the past decade, siunitx has become established as the major package for typesetting physical quantities in LaTeX. Here, I will look at the background to the package, and how it’s developed over the years. I’ll also lay out plans for the future: where are we going for version 3, and why is that important for users.

Conference paper published in TUGboat 39:2, 2018: siunitx: Past, present and future

Video of the talk recorded by IMPA on YouTube: siunitx: Past, present and future

The xtemplate package: An example

An evaluation by Clemens Niederberger of the ideas behind the template interface for LaTeX3.

From \newcommand to \DocumentNewCommand with xparse

A discussion by Joseph Wright of some of the new possibilities offered by the xparse package compared to those offered by \newcommand.

Beyond \newcommand with xparse

An introduction by Joseph Wright to the xparse package, a package that provides a powerful mechanism to define new user commands with different number of optional arguments, stars, etc.

Some note on templates

A discussion by Lars Hellström of the current implementation of the concept of templates.

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