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Publications by topic: Unicode

Case changing: From TeX primitives to the Unicode algorithm

From the TUG Conference 2018 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Unicode fonts with fontspec and unicode-math (slides)

While the fundamentals of both the fontspec and unicode-math packages have stayed the same, these packages have undergone a significant amount of development behind the scenes. While many users won’t be interested in the technical details, there are a number of feature additions that deserve broader discussion.

In this presentation I will cover the basics of these packages and best practices for using them, specifically including more recent features that users may not yet have seen. I will also try to give an overview of some technical details to focus on expl3 package development and lessons learned.

Video of the talk recorded by IMPA on YouTube: Unicode fonts with fontspec and unicode-math

From the TUG Conference 2015 (Darmstadt, Germany)

Reconciling unicode-math with LaTeX2e mathematics (slides)

Joseph’s Adventures in Unicodeland

From the UK-TUG meeting in 2014

Some video footage from the meeting in November 2014 on LaTeX2e and LaTeX3 development topics.

Case changing in the Unicode world (video)

A companion to Joseph’s talk on l3build is the published paper on this topic by Will and Frank.

From the TUG Conference 2010 (San Francisco, USA)

Unicode mathematics in LaTeX: advantages and challenges

In this paper and talk Will discusses Unicode mathematics in the context of LaTeX with the unicode-math package.

From the Unicode Conference 1996 (Mainz, Germany)

Application-independent representation of text for document processing – will Unicode suffice?

A paper about application-independent representation of text for document processing; it discusses some of the Unicode shortcomings.

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