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The dashundergaps package package

The widows-and-orphans package

Managing forlorn paragraph lines (a.k.a. widows and orphans) in LaTeX

This article discusses the typographical problem of widows and orphans, i.e., first and last lines of a paragraph that due to a page break are separated from the rest of the paragraph.

Practical advice is given how to best avoid these situations and how to mangage and resolve them when they arise. The final part discusses the package widows-and-orphans that will help here by automatically identifying and highlighting the problematical place in a longer document, in fact not just for widows and orphans but also for words hyphenated across a page break or math displays that got separated from their preceding paragraph.

From the TUG Conference 2018 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

A quarter century of doc (handouts)

In this talk I will re-examine my poor attempts at Literate Programming and how they have shaped (for the better or worse) the LaTeX world in the past decades. It’s about time to rethink some of the concepts invented back then—but can we still evolve?

Video of the talk recorded by IMPA on YouTube: What’s to stay, what’s to go – A quarter century of doc (I messed up the start so real talk starts at 00:02:30)

LaTeX table columns with fixed widths Flattr this

A short article discussing how to produce table columns with a fixed width using the array package. The interface as described is now integrated in the package.

From the TUG Conference 2013 (Tokyo, Japan)

The stony road to complex layout (slides)

In this talk, Frank looks at the many and often conflicting user wishlists for automatic generation of complex layouts using the history and development of the multicol package through the years. What as been solved in this space and where are the typesetting challenges and what is simply not possible?

From the TUG Conference 2009 (Notre Dame, Indiana, USA)

Next steps for breqn (slides)

From the TUG Conference 2007 (San Diego, USA)

The breqn package: revised and revived

The trace package

This article describes the trace package that is useful when debugging complex (or not so complex) LaTeX code.

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