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Interview with Frank Mittelbach

See also Interview of Frank Mittelbach – A combined interview of the LaTeX Project director from 2006.

TUG Conference 2020 (Online conference) Taking LaTeX training fully interactive

A video of the presentation given by Joseph is available on the TUG YouTube channel.

TeX, LaTeX and math

From the TUG Conference 2018 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Creating teaching material with LaTeXML for the Canvas Learning Management System (slides)

In this presentation I will outline the system by which I produce PDF and HTML versions of course material for the honours project students in the School of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Adelaide.

This course material is broad and relatively dynamic in that it needs both frequent and periodic updates, and there is a soft need to have it available in a single document PDF and a hyperlinked HTML version. There are a number of tools to perform such a task, and LaTeXML was chosen for its robustness and relative simplicity. Nonetheless, the processing phase does involve some regexps to clean up the resulting HTML, which is not ideal from a maintenance perspective.

On the back end, this project could not have been accomplished without the API provided by the Learning Management System that we use, Canvas by Instructure. The web API allows HTML pages to be updated from the command line as well as PDF files to be automatically uploaded.

This system allows me to have a single source for the documentation for the course and makes updates almost entirely friction-free. While still cobbled together from a number of technologies (largely curl and shell scripts), it provides an interface that could be expanded for more general use.

In the future, as well as re-writing the code in Lua for cross-platform functionality, I also plan to overcome the problems involving use of embedded graphics with text, and mathematical content in general.

Conference paper published in TUGboat 39:2, 2018: The Canvas learning management system and LaTeXML

Video of the talk recorded by IMPA on YouTube: Creating teaching material with LaTeXML for the Canvas Learning Management System

R.I.P. — S.P.Q.R Sebastian Patrick Quintus Rahtz (13.2.1955–15.3.2016)

A memorial for our friend and colleague Sebastian who passed away far too young.

TeX-free LaTeX, an overview

Standards for LaTeX documents and processors

Vistas for TeX

Interview of Frank Mittelbach – A combined interview of the LaTeX Project director

From the twentieth annual ACM symposium on Principles of distributed computing in 2001 (Newport, Rhode Island, USA)

The LaTeX Legacy

TUG99 poster exhibition: Text of the Apocalypse as Graphics

Paper and auxiliary material introducing the exhibition held during the TUG99 conference. It displayed the works of Prof. Alban Grimm using Metafont to generate Graphics out of the text of the Book of Revelation.

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