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General Help

There are a number of places where you can find help improving your knowledge of TeX and LaTeX or help for issues with using it; we have collected some of them on this website for you.

The links below point to material that we think is useful and that we had a chance to judge for ourselves (because we speak the language and found the time to look at). There is much more available on the Internet and in the link section we point to other resources that offer additional links and material. So the the fact that we do not list some resource should not be taken as a quality statement that such material is inferior!

Please note that the LaTeX Project does not have enough resources available to manage user support questions directly. We are just a handful of people working in our free time on maintaining and developing LaTeX and the user base goes into millions (this site, for example, sees several thousand hits per day)!

So please do not send us individual user questions, but use the available documentation and the TeX community forums where there is a much better chance for getting fast help if needed.

Help with Special Problems and Bugs

If you work with a system as powerful and complex as LaTeX you may run into problems that you can’t resolve yourself either because the documentation you have consulted doesn’t offer a solution or perhaps because you encountered a bug or incompatibility between some extension package.

In that case it is best to first check within the TeX community by looking through the Question and Answer forums to see if your problem is already covered there. If it is not covered post a question in one of those forums. The number of solutions and recipes on the Question and Answer forums are already huge and growing and people on the TeX forums are generally very friendly and usually will help you pretty fast.

If the problem doesn’t get solved this way then the reason might be that you have encountered a genuine “bug”. Or perhaps you get a suggested workaround but people tell you, this is really a bug in package XYZ. In either case, the next question then is: how can this bug be resolved? The first step for this is to report the bug to the right audience, i.e., the maintainers of the code.

As this is a bigger undertaking and it needs a bit of preparation to report a bug in a useful way to the right people we have devoted a separate page to this; so please continue reading here.

Website Bugs

If you think you’ve found a bug on our website you can report it to the website team. If you do submit a report, thanks for taking the time!