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From the TUG Conference 2012 (Boston, USA)

E-TeX: Guidelines to future TeX extensions — revisited Flattr this

In 1990 shortly after Don Knuth announced TeX 3.0 Frank gave a paper analyzing TeX’s abilities as a typesetting engine. This paper now revisits the findings from more than two decades ago to see what has been achieved since then, and perhaps more importantly, what can be achieved now with computer power having multiplied by a huge factor and last not least by the arrival of a number of successors to TeX which have lifted some of the limitations identified back then.

pdfTeX workshop 2005/09/24-26

HTML presentation of the material from the September 2005 pdfTeX workshop between Thanh The Han, Morten Høgholm, and Frank Mittelbach. The main topic of the workshop was grid typesetting. The material is available both for on-line browsing and download as a zip file (1364 kB).

Please note that some external links contained in the online browsing material are no longer functional.

Notes on Oldenburg e-TeX/LaTeX3/ConTeXt meeting

Ideas for e-TeX/NTS math typesetting

Early in 1998 a meeting was held between the e-TeX project and the LaTeX3 project. From this meeting we made some notes. A separate topic during the meeting was the improvement of TeX’s math typesetting.

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