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The LaTeX3 Project

The LaTeX3 project is a long-term research project to develop the next version of the LaTeX typesetting system. In a separate article we provide a more detailed description of what we aim to achieve and how you can help us to achieve our goals. Some older reports on the work already done by the project are available from the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN). Other work is available from this site as articles (in PDF format) and as development code.

Until LaTeX3 is delivered, the project team are committed to the active maintenance of The New Standard LaTeX (LaTeX2e). The experience gained from the production and maintenance of The New Standard LaTeX will have a major influence on the design of LaTeX3.

LaTeX3 Project Team

The current LaTeX3 project team personnel with contact details can be found on the Team Page.

Support LaTeX Development

If you want to support LaTeX development and the maintenance efforts for the current version by a donation, the best way to do this is donating to the TeX Users Group. They will make sure that your contribution will be used according to your intention (use: LaTeX Project Contribution).