pdfTeX workshop (main topic grids) 2005/09/24-26
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This mind map was used to structure a meeting between Thanh The Han (sorry for the missing accents Thanh ), Morten Hoegholm (sorry Morten, I can't be bothered under windows) and Frank Mittelbach (glad my name has not diacritics) that took place at Frank's home on a weekend in September 2005.
(Morten, Frank, and Thanh)

A lot of the material was gathered beforehand and only some of it was used (the green topics) during the workshop, which concentrated on pdfTeX development and in particular on grid typesetting.
It was later annoted and turned into a simple web presentation by Frank, which is what you see in front of you.

A summary of the results can be found at summary of results.

Christmas, 2005 --- Germany