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Publications in 2009 and earlier

TUG Conference 2009 (Notre Dame, Indiana, USA)

TeX-free LaTeX, an overview

Standards for LaTeX documents and processors

Next steps for breqn (slides)

Consolidation of expl3 (slides)

LaTeX3 programming: External perspectives

An introduction by Joseph Wright on the current implementation of the expl3 programming extensions for LaTeX3, highlighting recent changes and improvements.

TUG Conference 2008 (Cork, Irland)

Windows of opportunity: A (biased) personal history of two decades of LaTeX development — Are there lessons to be learned?

The galley Module or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Whatsit

TUG Conference 2007 (San Diego, USA)

LaTeX3 project update

The breqn package: revised and revived

Vistas for TeX

An exploration of the Latin Modern fonts

Will Robertson’s look at the Latin Modern font families and their features.

Page design in LaTeX3

In this article Morten Høgholm is presenting ideas on page design concepts for LaTeX3.

Everything we want to know about Font Resources

pdfTeX workshop 2005/09/24-26

HTML presentation of the material from the September 2005 pdfTeX workshop between Thanh The Han, Morten Høgholm, and Frank Mittelbach. The main topic of the workshop was grid typesetting. The material is available both for on-line browsing and download as a zip file (1364 kB).

EuroTeX 2005 notes

HTML presentation of the work done by the LaTeX project team during EuroTeX 2005. It is available both for on-line browsing and download as a zip file (923 kB).

Some note on templates

A discussion by Lars Hellström of the current implementation of the concept of templates.

The trace package

This article describes the trace package that is useful when debugging complex (or not so complex) LaTeX code.

Formatting documents with floats – A new algorithm for LaTeX2e

At the GUTenberg meeting in Toulouse, Frank presented a paper about a new output routine that is intended to enhance the way LaTeX deals with floating objects in multicolumn environments.

ACM DL Author-ize serviceOpenMath, MathML, and XSL
David Carlisle
ACM SIGSAM Bulletin - Special issue of OpenMath, 2000

The above link enables free download of the paper from the ACM Digital Library. (Due to ACM restrictions it unfortunately doesn’t work from the “all-publications” page. If you are there please use the one on the topic page instead.)

TUG Conference 1999 (Vancouver, Canada)

TUG99 talk: New Interfaces for LaTeX Class Design

The talk given by project team members at the TUG conference in Vancouver on models for user-level interfaces, designer-level interfaces in LaTeX3. Prototype implementations are in Experimental code (Experimental code was retired in 2016: many of the ideas are now implemented in one way or the other in expl3 code and packages; some have been superseded by other ideas; a few still exist on prototype level awaiting further development).

TUG99 poster exhibition: Text of the Apocalypse as Graphics

Paper and auxiliary material introducing the exhibition held during the TUG99 conference. It displayed the works of Prof. Alban Grimm using Metafont to generate Graphics out of the text of the Book of Revelation.

ACM DL Author-ize serviceOpenMath and MathML: semantic markup for mathematics
O. Caprotti, D. Carlisle
XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students - Special issue on markup languages, 1999

Unambiguous representation of mathematics is crucial for communications among humans or among computer systems. OpenMath is a standard aimed at supporting a semantically rich interchange of mathematics among varied computational software tools such as computer algebra systems, theorem provers, and tools for visualizing or editing mathematical text. MathML is a W3C Recommendation for the encoding of mathematics ‘on the web’ which also includes mechanisms for encoding mathematical semantics. We introduce each of these two languages and describe their relationships.

The above link enables free download of the paper from the ACM Digital Library. (Due to ACM restrictions it unfortunately doesn’t work from the “all-publications” page. If you are there please use the one on the topic page instead.)

Notes on Oldenburg e-TeX/LaTeX3/ConTeXt meeting

Ideas for e-TeX/NTS math typesetting

Early in 1998 a meeting was held between the e-TeX project and the LaTeX3 project. From this meeting we made some notes. A separate topic during the meeting was the improvement of TeX’s math typesetting.

Default docstrip headers

An article about docstrip headers appeared in TUGboat volume 19, number 2. It describes a change in the wording of the default headers and gives some hints on how to have your own specific headers on your files.

A regression test suite for LaTeX2e

An article describing the regression test suite that has been built for LaTeX over the past years. It describes some of the history and outlines the results we have had from it.

The LaTeX3 Programming Language—A syntax proposal for TeX macro programming

An article giving a brief overview of the first release of expl3: a proposed LaTeX3 programming language. The article appeared in TUGboat volume 18, number 4. For the current state of the LaTeX3 programming language, please see the documentation in the CTAN distribution of expl3.

Multilingual Language Processing Conference 1997 (Tsukuba, Japan)

Language information in structured documents: a model for mark-up and rendering

In a conference on multilingual typesetting in Japan and later at a TUG conference a new model is presented for dealing with language information in structured documents. The article appeared in the conference proceedings, TUGboat volume 18, number 3.

Unicode Conference 1996 (Mainz, Germany)

Application-independent representation of text for document processing – will Unicode suffice?

A paper about application-independent representation of text for document processing; it discusses some of the Unicode shortcomings.

LaTeX2e encoding interfaces

A presentation held at Brno about the encoding interfaces that LaTeX offers. It discusses the various issues related to input and output encodings.

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