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Publications in 2023

Automated tagging of LaTeX documents what is possible today, in 2023?

Report on the LaTeX Tagged PDF workshop, TUG 2023

TUG Conference 2023 (Bonn, Germany)

Automated tagging of LaTeX documents—what is possible today?

38 years with LaTeX—A personal picture story

The LaTeX Companion, 3rd edition—Anecdotes and lessons learned

Supporting backends in expl3

Further adventures in Unicode-land: Refining case changing

Storing Unicode data in TeX engines

This paper describes the LaTeX approach taken to store Unicode data in the format for quick access in documents.

Publications by year

By selecting an entry in the table of contents you will find links to Portable Document Format (PDF) versions of various articles and papers published by the LaTeX3 project and links to videos of their conference presentations. Some of this list has been assembled 'after the fact'; please inform us if you notice anything missing.

Publications by topic

A different view is given on Publication by Topic page where the Publications are ordered by important topics.

Books by project members and others

A list of books that we think are useful is given on the Books Page. By buying documentation through this website you support the volunteer work of project members to keep LaTeX useful for you.