How to make accessible PDF

The “LaTeX Tagged PDF” project is now advanced enough that more and more people start using it. We have therefore begun with building usage documentation that is not scattered across different repositories as this is the case at the moment.

A while ago we created a dedicated tagging-project repository for issues encountered with the project code. In this repository people can report problems and look up the current state of known issues. It is also hosting discussions related to the project.

We have now extended this repository to use GitHub pages providing a small number of web pages. So far it holds

This documentation and the tables are all work in progress and will get updated whenever there is new information.

The initial work on the compatibility tables was provided by Ian Thompson — thanks for that! If you want to help improving this, then this is easily possible. We are looking for volunteers who try out the tagging code in various ways and report problems or package incompatibilites and help with developing tests that prove or disprove that the tagging code can be used with packages for which we don’t have enough data so far.

— Frank