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LaTeX3 Project Newsletters

Newsletters by the LaTeX3 project team covering topics of interest in the area of LaTeX3/expl3 development. They appear in irregular intervals and are not necessarily tied to individual releases of the software (as the LaTeX3 kernel code is updated rather often).

We do not produce new newsletters about LaTeX3, because in 2020 the core of LaTeX3 has moved into the standard format and is available as the L3 programming layer, i.e., it is no longer experimental code that has to be loaded separately. Important new information about the L3 programming layer is now covered in the Release News Letters for LaTeX2e.

A document with all available issues bundled together in their historical order is l3news.pdf. In addition the newsletters are individually available below.

Release date LaTeX3 News issue (PDF) Important Topics covered
2020/01/05 LaTeX3 News Issue 12 Better expansion support: e-type; new options; extension to xparse; better support for (u)pTeX; various fixes and changes
2018/02/01 LaTeX3 News Issue 11 Move to GitHub; updates and extensions to expl3; updates to l3build
2016/11/21 LaTeX3 News Issue 10 l3build for testing general LaTeX packages; expl3 refinements; xparse extension; Globally optimized pagination framework
2014/03/24 LaTeX3 News Issue 09 expl3 in the community; Logo for the LaTeX3 programming language; Article: “What can you do for the LaTeX3 project?”
2012/07/29 LaTeX3 News Issue 08 Extended floating point support; More on regex with expl3; Separation internal/external code; Code naming conventions
2012/02/26 LaTeX3 News Issue 07 After Big Bang; A regex engine for expl3
2011/08/09 LaTeX3 News Issue 06 Bruno joins the team; Big Bang reimplementations; LaTeX3 code now on GitHub
2011/01/28 LaTeX3 News Issue 05 LPPL now OSI-approved; reflections on 2010; plans for 2011
2010/08/25 LaTeX3 News Issue 04 expl3 in practice; new developments
2010/01/10 LaTeX3 News Issue 03
Nouvelles de LaTeX3 03, traduction française
xparseand xtemplate released
2009/06/10 LaTeX3 News Issue 02
Nouvelles de LaTeX3 02, traduction française
Joseph and Will join the team; Code release for TeX Live; Plans for 2009
2009/02/11 LaTeX3 News Issue 01
Nouvelles de LaTeX3 01, traduction française
First newsletter specifically on LaTeX3 development