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LaTeX2e Release Newsletters

The most recent version of LaTeX is nominally dated 2023/11/01 (it may additionally have a patch-level associated with it).

Due to the small number of changes these days new releases will appear at irregular intervals, normally once a year. If you are in need of some immediate bug fix you may try the Git Repository of the source code.

Starting with the 2015/01/01 release we provide a "latexrelease" package that allows you to emulate older (or newer) versions of the format without regenerating it from scratch; see ltnews22 for further details.

Note: ltnews18 doesn't exist.
By mistake we incremented the issue number twice moving directly from 17 to 19.

A document with all available issues bundled together in their historical order is ltnews.pdf. In addition the newsletters are individually available below.

Release date LaTeX2e News issue (PDF) Important Topics covered
2023/11/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 38 News from tagging project; new management concept: sockets and plugs; new management concept: document properties and cross-referencing; various smaller changes and improvements to the base and tools bundles
2023/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 37 Advances in the tagging project; hooks with arguments; various smaller changes and improvements to the base and tools bundles
2022/11/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 36 Auto-detecting key/value arguments; various smaller changes and improvements to the base, graphics, and tools bundles
2022/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 35 Document metadata interface; new mark mechanism; key/value approach for options; doc version 3; latex-lab bundle; various smaller changes and improvements to the base, amsmath, graphics, and tools bundles
2021/11/15 LaTeX2e News Issue 34 Updates to hook management system; new and improved commands; code improvements & bug fixes in kernel graphics, tools, and amsmath
2021/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 33 Hooks for paragraphs and generic hooks for commands; improved copy & paste; file handling improvements; NFSS improvements; various smaller improvements and bug fixes
2020/10/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 32 New hook management for LaTeX; xparse now part of the kernel; various smaller improvements and bug fixes
2020/02/02 LaTeX2e News Issue 31 L3 programming layer now part of the 2e kernel; improvements and new features for LaTeX font selection (NFSS); various bug fixes
2019/10/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 30 LaTeX development formats available; Unicode now allowed in labels, file names and other places; improvements to filecontents, robustify many commands; further changes to base, tools, and amsmath
2018/12/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 29 Bug fix release with changes to base, tools, and amsmath
2018/04/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 28 LaTeX now on GitHub; Bug report policy change; UTF-8: new default input encoding; General rollback concept for packages; Changes to base, tools, and amsmath
2017/04/15 LaTeX2e News Issue 27 ISO Date support; TU encoding improvements; Hyphenation and default language; Small code updates
2017/01/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 26 eTeX support now required; Default encodings for Unicode engines; Updates to amsmath and tools packages; New latexbug package; Vertical spacing in old documents
2016/03/31 LaTeX2e News Issue 25 LuaTeX support; amsmath maintenance now done by the LaTeX Project Team; Small code updates
2016/02/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 24 LuaTeX support; Unicode engines; East European accents; \ShellEscape
2015/10/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 23 LuaTeX support; Extra floats; Comma accents; inputenc and multicol updates
2015/01/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 22 Bug-fix policy change; Introduced latexrelease package; Kernel updates (incorporating all bug fixes from fixltx2e package); l3build used to build and test distribution
2014/05/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 21 Bug-fix release; New fltracepackage; Code updates in several areas
2011/06/27 LaTeX2e News Issue 20 Bug-fix release; Code updates in several areas
2009/10/15 LaTeX2e News Issue 19 New SVN code repository for LaTeX
2005/12/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 17 Small LPPL update (1.3c); New guide on font encodings; Code updates in several areas
2003/12/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 16 10 years of LaTeX2e; The LaTeX Companion 2ed
2003/12/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 15 LPPL 1.3 now officially approved license; Unicode input support; Smaller enhancements
2001/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 14 Babel 3.7 released; Latin9 encoding support; New trace package; Some expl3 experimental packages published
2000/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 13 AMS-LaTeX 2.0 released; Switch to yearly kernel releases; Latin4 encoding support
1999/12/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 12 LPPL 1.2 released; New fixltx2epackage
1999/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 11 New math font encoding developed
1998/12/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 10 Five years of LaTeX2e
1998/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 09  
1997/12/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 08  
1997/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 07 Bug policy on standard classes; \normalsfcodes
1996/12/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 06  
1996/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 05  
1995/12/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 04  
1995/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 03  
1994/12/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 02  
1994/06/01 LaTeX2e News Issue 01