The third edition of The LaTeX Companion is available for pre-order

I’m happy to announce that the third edition of The LaTeX Companion has been sent to the printer and is now available for pre-order. It will be published by end of April or beginning of May. This is the end of five years of careful work and we hope that it will provide our readers with all the information they need to successfully navigate the LaTeX ecosystem and efficiently produce beautiful documents.

TLC3 Part I cover TLC3 Part II cover

Since the publication of the last edition (2004) a lot has happened in the LaTeX world and thus a complete rewrite was necessary.
All chapters have been thoroughly revised and in many cases largely extended to describe new important functionality and features. More than 5,000 add-on packages have been analyzed in detail, out of which roughly 10% have been chosen for inclusion in The LaTeX Companion. All important aspects of these packages are described to provide the user once again with a satisfying one-stop–shop experience for the decade to come.

To cover what we thought worth describing today, the book nearly doubled in size. The print edition is therefore produced as a two-volume set and sold as a bundle. Both volumes come as hardcover with ribbons to easily mark pages in the book.

To give you an idea of what is covered in the third edition, here are some excerpts:

The edition is also available as an eBook (Part I and II combined) consisting of PDF and ePub format without DRM. Finally, the publisher offers the combination of the printed books + the digital versions at a very attractive price not available anywhere else.
Note that some distributors offer the two parts of the edition (also) individually, but usually for a much higher price compared to the bundle. Also important is that the digital version offered by some resellers only contains either the ePub or the PDF but not both! We therefore recommend that you watch out for this.

In Europe it might be easier to buy the print edition from bookshops or from resellers such as Amazon to avoid having to deal with import/customs fees, e.g. by using in Germany. However, the combination of print and digital formats is only available from the publisher’s InformIT site through the link above.

Happy LaTeXing — Frank