The first online TUG conference will happen 24-26 July 2020

You probably heard this already from other sources and maybe already registered, but if not, now is the time.

Next week the annual TeX Users Group Conference will be broadcast live: to watch the presentations and otherwise participate all you need to do is to register. This year registration is free of charge, because the costs for an online event are much lower, so all that is needed to attend is the registration.

A number of people from the LaTeX Project Team are giving presentations: Javier, Joseph, Marcel and myself.

You will find many interesting and exciting talks in the program schedule and while some may be at inconvenient hours, depending on your location, most are probably at reasonable times. If not there are plans to make the talks available afterwards (no details yet), but live or partly live events are usually more fun in my opinion.

So go ahead and register yourself if you are interested and let’s make this the biggest TeX conference in years!

Enjoy — Frank