Issues 11 and 12 of LaTeX3 news released

There has been quite a gap since the last LaTeX3 News and there is a lot to report. By mistake LaTeX3 News 11 (nominally February 2018) did not get published when written and we discovered this only when we prepared issue 12. We have kept the information it contains separate as it is a good summary of the work that had happened in 2017.

LaTeX3 News 12 then covers the work done in 2018 and 2019.

We also added a document that combines all twelve LaTeX3 newletters in historical order. This gives some interesting insights into the activities of the last decade and clearly shows the increased activities of the team in the recent years, now that expl3 (the programming layer of LaTeX3) gains more and more followers.

You will find all newletters as individual PDF files also on the LaTeX3 newletter page on this site.

—Enjoy Frank