New kids on the block

I’m happy to be able to announce that Ulrike Fischer and Enrico Gregorio have joined the LaTeX Project Team (Enrico already early this year, but I never properly announced that, so I’m doing that now). Contact details are on the team page.

Ulrike Enrico

Ulrike is an accomplished and well-known LaTeX user, developer and TeX consultant, known both for her work in various areas of TeX and her thoughtful user support on various platforms both national and international.

Enrico is a professor at the Computer Science department of the University of Verona. He will need no introduction either to any TeX user who ever visited TeX StackExchange where Enrico is known under the name of egreg, the person who holds the highest reputation rank there (a whooping 200k above the next person, who — guess what — is also on the LaTeX Team).

We are extremely greateful to have both of them on board and gain from their experience and knowledge!

A warm welcome — Frank