Material from the TUG conference 2018 is now online

This year’s conference in Rio de Janeiro was worth attending, both because of various interesting talks, good discussions between participants and, of course, also because of the scenery. Fortunately for those who couldn’t make it, nearly all talks have been streamed live in excellent quality and have now been uploaded to YouTube. You find there, for example,

  • an interesting keynote talk by Roberto Ierusalimschy (one of the fathers of Lua) on The making of Lua
  • the lovely talk by Susanne Raab about ducks made with tikz presented by Paulo Cereda;
  • and many others.

From the LaTeX Project team Joseph, Will and myself presented talks on a number of different topics, ranging from LuaTeX-related work via LaTeX2e to LaTeX3. The abstracts, slides, handouts, etc. from our talks, as well as links to the recorded videos can be found as one block on the project publication pages so check them out if you are interested.

Enjoy – Frank