Publications now sorted by topic

In the past we collected publications by the project team members on a single web page (with a few extra notes added to introduce the publication). Over time that page got really more and more lengthly and thus unusable.

Since we believe that a lot of the information there is actually quite useful we have restructured this area to provide a view of all publications in chronological order as well as by major topics. Of course, chosing useful topics is hard and we may still have to improve things here and there. For example, we know that we should add further notes in some places.

But on the whole, this new view gives much better access to the material available and brings a number of hidden gems (or so we think :-) ) back into focus. So far each publication is sorted only under a single topic. However, in some cases multiple topics might be more approriate—we’ll have to see.

Please try it out, the starting points are either

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to send me a note.

Enjoy — Frank