April 2018 LaTeX release available

We have released the April 2018 LaTeX distribution in time for the new TeX Live 2018 DVD. It was uploaded to CTAN and is now available on the mirror servers.

The most important changes and additions are documented in “LaTeX2e News Issue 28”. This document can be found on the LaTeX2e news page where you will also find release information for earlier LaTeX releases.

Topics are:

  • LaTeX is now on GitHub
  • Bug database has changed
  • UTF-8 is the new default input encoding
  • We now offer a general rollback concept for packages as well as for the kernel
  • We integrated remreset and chngcntr packages into the kernel
  • The testing for an undefined command has been changed
  • Some changes to tools packages
  • Some changes to amsmath and update of amsldoc user’s guide

Details on the rollback concept is given in “A rollback concept for packages and classes” and further information on how to report bugs can be found in the article “New rules for reporting bugs in the LaTeX core software”.