New (and older) articles uploaded

We have added a number of links to new (and a few older) articles on different topics on the Publications page.

These are:

  • A General LuaTeX Framework for Globally Optimized Pagination

This article is an extended version (37 pages) of the 2016 ACM article “A General Framework for Globally Optimized Pagination”, providing a lot more details and additional research results. It was submitted to the Computational Intelligence Journal (Wiley) in 2017 and accepted January 2018.

  • New rules for reporting bugs in the LaTeX core software (TUGboat 2018)

  • Exploring \romannumeral and expansion (TUGboat 2016)

  • Automating LaTeX(3) testting (TUGboat 2015)

  • Joseph’s Adventures in Unicodeland (TUGboat 2015)

  • Through the \parshape, and what Joseph found there (TUGboat 2015)

  • Recollections of a spurious space catcher (TUGboat 2015)

  • The xtemplate package: An example (TUGboat 2012)

An external perspective on our ideas for a designer interface by Clemens Niederberger.

  • An exploration of the Latin Modern fonts (TUGboat 2007)

  • Page design in LaTeX3 (TUGboat 2006)

  • Everything we want to know about Font Resources (TUGboat 2006)

Enjoy - Frank