LaTeX3 code snapshot (SVN 6984) released to CTAN

Joseph recently submitted the following updates of LaTeX3 material to CTAN.

xparse package

  • Adjustments to xparse to allow document commands to continue to function inside csnames: note that the team expect to give a clear statement on the scope of use of document commands in the near future
  • \NewExpandableDocumentCommand and related commands have been added to xparse
  • \IfValue(TF) is now marked as stable
  • There have been some questions about the (removed) k-type argument: see StackExchange question for some transitional code (note that the replacement e-type is experimental)

xfp package

  • New package to provide a document level interface to the LaTeX3 FPU: \fpeval

expl3 programming interface

  • New \tl_range:nnn function
  • Reduction in use of \c_<number> constants in favour of explicit numbers

l3build system

  • Normalisation of lines from luaotfload added
  • Better performance of cmdcheck target when working with file bundles

As usual, this may take a day or so to propagate.