Videos from the memorial for Sebastian Rahtz (13.2.1955 - 15.3.2016)

Earlier this year our good friend and colleague Sebastian Rahtz passed away — with him the TeX community lost one of its very influencial members.

On September 27th 2016 the Oxford e-Research Centre hosted a memorial session for Sebastian at Wolfram College, Oxford titled “SPQR a digital legacy: what Sebastian Patrick Quintus Rahtz did for us”. Videos of the event have now been made available and they are certainly worth watching.

Phil Taylor talks about Sebastian’s contributions to the TeX world and Anne Trefethen reads a short statement from Don Knuth. I very much enjoyed listening to Joe Talbot’s talk about “What Sebastian Taught Us” and there are many more presentations that are all worth watching.

I wrote a short memorial on Sebastian for the Technische Komödie (the newsletter of the German TeX User’s Group (DANTE)). It was also was also translated to English as a TUGBoat article. Both articles can be found on the Publications page.

Sebastian and his legacy will stay with us.