Knuth books on Typesetting on sale

Not directly related to LaTeX but at least volume A of “Computer & Typesetting” is a very valuable resource for anybody who wants to write LaTeX code (e.g., packages) or anybody who really wants to understand the inner workings of TeX.

All 5 books in the series are now on sale at InformIt for $24 per book until the end of the year. The miniseries includes the following titles:

  • Volume A: The TeXbook
  • Volume B: TeX the Program (the program code)
  • Volume C: The METAFONT book
  • Volume D: METAFONT the Program (the program code)
  • Volume B: Computer Modern Typefaces (the METAFONT code for the main font family used by TeX)

All books in the series are hardcover. $24 is about 40% to 50% off the street price for the individual books, so that is a good bargain if interested in some of them.

However, better check out the shipping costs! In the US they ship for free, but to other countries it may become quite expensive. In that case (but only if you are interested in all of them) the boxed set might be more interesting, e.g., from