Talks from the online TUG Conference 2021 and 2022 on YouTube

For some reason it took a long time to get the 2021 talks cut and uploaded to YouTube and when that finally happened, I was in the middle of entering copy-editing corrections for the LaTeX Companion, 3rd edition and simply missed the opportunity to announce the talks and update the website to refer to it. Now with with TUG 2022 also online this is more than overdue.

Both conferences (as usual) had quite a number of interesting talks on many subjects of TeX usage and related topics. If you have missed the conferences (or if you want listen to one of the talks again) you will find them all on the TeX Users Group Channel on YouTube.

There were also several talks by members of the LaTeX Project team. Some are directly relevant to our multi-year project on automatically producing tagged PDF; others discuss other LaTeX topics of interest. As an intro to the tagged-PDF project (for those who haven’t heard about it yet) I also provide one link to a talk from the 2020 conference announcing that project.

Enjoy — Frank