The June 2022 LaTeX release is available

With a few days delay we released the 2022-06-01 version of LaTeX and by now it should be available in all major distributions. The release contains a number of important improvements and extensions that have be discussed in previous posts.

To get a good overview about the new features and most of the important bug fixes made in this release take a look at “LaTeX2e News Issue 35”. This document should be accessible through texdoc ltnews35 on your computer and can also be found on the LaTeX2e news page where you will also find release information for earlier LaTeX releases.

With the extended testing of pre-releases I would have hoped for once that we can do without having to produce a patch release soon after, but no such luck. While no code issues have been found, we managed to mess up the banner, which comes out as

LaTeX2e <2022-06-01> pre-release-0 (develop 2022-6-12 branch)
L3 programming layer <2022-06-02>

which is, of course, utter nonsense. So expect a patch release during the next days (it will be identical to the current one, except for a corrected banner, a minor fix in for legacy Cyrillic code pages, and a fix for ltxdoc if used with csquotesin the preamble).

Happy LaTeXing — Frank