Final pre-release of LaTeX for 2022-06-01ready for testing

Last week we submitted the final pre-release version for the 2022-06-01 LaTeX kernel so it should be available in all major TeX distributions.

As always new functionality and bug fixes are discussed in the corresponding LaTeX2e News Issue 35 newsletter.

Because we are a few days behind our original schedule, we are going to delay the main release for a few days too, to give people time to do some final testing. Please help with this testing!

Processing your documents with the pre-release is straightforward. All you have to do is to replace the invocation command by appending -dev to the executable, e.g., on the command line you would run

  • pdflatex-dev myfile or
  • lualatex-dev myfile or
  • xelatex-dev myfile

instead of using pdflatex, lualatex or xelatex. If you use an integrated editing environment, then it depends on the system how to configure it to use an alternative format; but in any case the necessary modification should be straightforward.

Enjoy — Frank