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This page contains references to documentation by the LaTeX team. To find documentation that is available elsewhere on the net, visit the links page. Also, there’s a whole page dedicated to books on LaTeX and related topics.

If you know about a list of TeX and related documentation not listed here, please contact us.

Documentation distributed with LaTeX

A short introduction to LaTeX (with some focus on the differences between the old LaTeX 2.09 and current standard LaTeX2e) is given in the following document:

More advanced documentation about LaTeX, which is available via the net includes:

The full documentation of the source code with all commands and their implementation can be obtained by processing source2e.tex distributed as part of the LaTeX2e distribution. A compiled version with a list of all major changes and an index of all commands and their usage within the kernel is

As a companion document Martin Scharrer compiled a useful reference list with links back into the previous document if both are stored in the same directory:

For the implementation of the standard classes article, report, and book there also exists a document that contains the complete sources with commentary:

In 2015 we introduced a roll-back/roll-forward functionality by which it becomes possible to reset the kernel code (though not external packages at this stage) to the behavior that it had on a particular date. This can be useful when processing older documents. It is documented here:

Non-english documentation

There is a lot of documentation in languages other than English. Lists of books and other resources in other languages are maintained by TeX user groups in the respective countries. The following are known to us: