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LaTeX3 Development Code

Obtaining it

Some of the current LaTeX3 development code is held under version control in a SVN repository and can be accessed publicly via a web interface, where it can be downloaded as single files. However, you might prefer to get hold of the files via anonymous SVN access in which case you can get a working copy from the repository at using a Subversion client.

Please remember that this material is intended only for experimentation and comments; thus any aspect of it, e.g., the user interface or the functionality, may change and, in fact, is very likely to change. For this reason it is explicitly forbidden to place this material on CD-ROM distributions or public servers.

Discussing it

These concepts, as well as their implementation, are under discussion on the list LATEX-L. You can join this list, which is intended solely for discussing ideas and concepts for future versions of LaTeX, by sending mail to listserv@URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE containing the line


Gmane hosts a web interface, including archives, of the LATEX-L list:

This list is archived and, after subscription, you can retrieve older posts to it by sending mail to the above address, containing a command such as:


where yy=Year and mm=Month, e.g.


for all messages sent in October 1999.