This page contains references to documentation that is available on the net. Most of these are in English but there is a section on non-English documentation. They are by both the LaTeX team and other contributors. Also, there's a whole page dedicated to books on LaTeX and related topics.

If you know about a list of TeX and related documentation not listed here, please contact

Documentation distributed with LaTeX

LaTeX is described in LaTeX2e for authors which is available as a LaTeX document or as a PDF document.

More advanced documentation about LaTeX, which is available via the net includes:

Contributed documentation

There's a lot of documentation out there that was not written by the LaTeX team themselves. We've started a list pointing to some of it (the order is fairly arbitrary and no indication of quality).

LaTeX: an introduction
This is a one-page high-level overview of LaTeX, by Mike Unwalla. It was recently published in 'Communicator', Spring 2006.
The (Not So) Short Introduction to LaTeX2e
This document by Tobias Oetiker et al is a good beginner's tutorial. There are a number of translations available.
Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX2e
This article by Keith Reckdahl shows you how to do (almost) anything with graphics: side-by-side, rotated, etc.
Getting to grips with Latex
A collection of tutorials meant to get people going with LaTeX, by Andrew Roberts.
LaTeX: Structured documents for TeX (unofficial LaTeX reference manual)
From the preface: This document is an unofficial reference manual for LaTeX, a document preparation system, version as of May 2012. It is intended to cover LaTeX2e, which has been the standard version of LaTeX for many years.
The document is developed further and you find the current development version and new releases at
Formatting information -- An introduction to typesetting with LaTeX
A fairly comprehensive online-book about LaTeX written by Peter Flynn.
The LaTeX wiki book
From Wikibooks, this open-content textbook is intended to serve new users who wish to learn as well as old hands who need a quick reference.
A Visual LaTeX FAQ
Having trouble finding the answer to a LaTeX question? The Visual LaTeX FAQ is an innovative new search interface that presents over a hundred typeset samples of frequently requested document formatting. Simply click on a hyperlinked piece of text and the Visual LaTeX FAQ will send your Web browser to the appropriate page in the UK TeX FAQ. By Scott Pakin.
Video tutorials on various LaTeX topics
This channel shows a growing collection of high-quality video tutorials from the folks from ShareLaTeX (an online editor for LaTeX) on different aspects of LaTeX, currently a beginners series, a series on Thesis writing, a series on beamer, and one on TikZ. The tutorials are not specific to the editor, so they are worth watching by anybody who wants to get a first impression on a particular topic. Of course, video tutorials can never address all aspects, but these have enough detail to get you started.

There are a couple of places you can search for more information:

This is provided by the TeX Users Group.
UK TeX Users Group's FAQ
The Visual LaTeX FAQ by Scott Pakin is a PDF document presenting examples of customized LaTeX formatting and formatting problems, hyperlinked to appropriate pages in the UK TUG FAQ.
Open Directory Project
An excellent place to start surfing the Web for information about TeX and LaTeX.
TeXdoc Online - TeX and LaTeX Documentation
Dedicated server for querying and browsing manuals, guides and package documentation.
If you can't find what you need in any of these, try a search of past postings to the Usenet news group comp.text.tex. One place where you can do that is Google. If you are still puzzled, try posting to comp.text.tex. It's a friendly group.

Non-english documentation

There is a lot of documentation in languages other than English. Lists of books and other resources in other languages are maintained by TeX user groups in the respective countries. The following are known to us:

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