LaTeX is a developing piece of software, and therefore has bugs. Since LaTeX has been around since 1985, most of the remaining bugs are either pretty obscure, or they occur in the most recent additions to LaTeX.

If you think you've found a bug with core LaTeX, then please report it to us! You can report it by going to the bug information upload page.

If you do submit a report, thanks for taking the time!

However, please note that the LaTeX team can only accept bugs that are not involving third party packages! If you can't produce the bug without using third party packages not maintained by the LaTeX project team then please report the bug not to us, but to the author(s) of the third party package.

There are many add-on packages and unfortunately not all of them are compatible to each other or to LaTeX. The project team does not have the resources to debug such cases. Thank you for your understanding.